Friday, 27 April 2007

Some people mentioned the reviews are too long

So here's my answer.
Album A: Soulwax- Any minute now.

What the song sounds like:

1- E-Talking: Massive night out. Best thing you've ever heard. Sex.
2- Any Minute now: Massive mosh pit
3- Please... Don't be yourself: Lying in bed next to the missus when you've fallen out and aren't talking.
4- Compute: Running away from angrymen
5- Krack: Flying around in a plane, shooting Bad guys.
6- Slowdance: The video would have sumo wrestling in it.
7- A Ballad To Forget: That moment where something bad has happened (lost girlfriend, big fall out etc.) where you're lying by yourself on your bed crying? This is that song that you listen to.
8- Accidents and compliments: The song that you sit down to in the club to catch your breath, because although it's amazing, you just can't dance to it.
(That song that you scream they lyrics at your best mate over the dancefloor).
10- Miserable girl: Turn it up, clean the house.
11- YYY/NNN: The haunted house at a fun fair. A good one though, not one of those for 5 year olds with funny mirrors.
12- The truth is so boring: Post Coital cigarette.
13- Dance 2 Slow: Bubbles!

Score: 8.5/10
Download: NY Excuse, E-Talking
Soulwax Myspace

If this album was a colour: Dark Gray


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Dcbirdman said...

You have completely different musical tastes than i usually do, but based on your colorful review i have been listening to soulwax all morning. I love it! Perfect for dealig with the mindless drivel of an office. Bleah!

Keep them coming.