Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Reuben Sandwich

Apparently they're big in America. Never heard of it myself.

The band Reuben, I have however. They're one of my fave bands, like ever. From Aldershot, home to bands such as Vex Red (before they shut up shot), Reuben are potentially the catchiest heavy band in existance. An Oxymoron to an extent, but when you listen to them, all will become clear.

Lead singer and guitarist of the 3 piece, Jamie Lenman, has simply the most dynamic voice in history. He can go from shouty screams (and i'm not a fan of screaming in bands, but this man is the exception) to beutiful melodies in the blink of an eye. Add all this over some of the best technical drumming you will hear from a band, and heavy as you like bass lines, and you have one of the best bands out there. I assure you, there is nothing out there quite like Reuben.

They are on the verge of releasing album 3 (so if you haven't heard yet, what's your excuse!?). First album, Racecar is Racecar backwards, was a 16 track epic (they wanted to record as many tracks as possible in case they didn't get the chance to again) which simply had hit after hit after hit on it. Although some songs aren't as mainstream-friendly as others, you'll find it difficult to not like them. Second album, very fast, very dangerous, was just as good, releasing some very welcomed fresh material to the fans, which saw some very "pop" songs (I say pop. I mean if metallica did pop. But nothing like metallica. Because Reuben are good), and some very, very hardcore shizzle.

The band have since parted company with their label Xtra mile, created their own (Hideous records) on which they have recorded and are about to release "In nothing we trust", the making of which can be seen on a hilarious video blog on the myspace, and have already released their DVD "What happens in Aldershot, stays in Aldershot". With backing from a lot of alt radio, including the infamous Zane Lowe, hopefully the band can finally get some of the success they deserve.

O, forgot to mention, they're doing a massive fat tour to support the whole thing, and on the grounds i've seen them about 6 times, I can safely say they're one of the best live acts on the circuit at the moment.

Reuben myspace
Reuben website

"Keep it to yourself", from very fast, very dangerous

Succioperro. Weird Spanish? Perhaps. Great band? Certainly.

I discovered them supporting Reuben on their most recent tour. Superb! They're like Biffy Clyro, but cleverer and more accessible. Getting their album is certainly on the Top Of My List Of Things To Do. Unforgiving riffs, with beautiful vocals over the top. One of those bands that it will always upset you because you can't see them getting that big break that they really deserve.

O, and an interesting tidbit for you. Did you ever hear of Marmaduke duke? It was the lead singer of Biffy Clyros side project. Technically, it still is. But the point is, that it was done with one of the guys from Sucioperro. They're all from the same place in Scotland! Imagine that.

Check out the video for Dialog on the 2 below. An epic tune if ever they were.

Sucioperro myspace
Sucioperro website

Dialog on the 2

I suppose to top this trio off I might as well bring it back to Biffy Clyro. Biffy are from Ayreshire. Biffy have been going for ages without receiving the credit they receive. Biffy are amazing.

You've probably heard of them. They're on the verge of releasing fourth album "Puzzle" on major label Warner, and they've had oen of their singles, "Saturday Superhouse", hammered to hell on Radio 1. The key here, is that this is their fourth album. That means, 3 more before it. And i'll tell you now, they're good. Very good. So good that if you buy an album this week, make it one of them. I'd probably recommend their debut, "Blackened sky", as it's the most accessible, and a good way to ease yourself in.

You probably want to know what they're like. It's not an easy answer. They play clever, clever music, with time changes, and melody changes, and vocal changes, but make everything flow. This is the epitimy of a band that does not follow the verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse chorus route of song writing (Hello Kaiser Chiefs).

Listen to them. NOW.

Biffy Clyro myspace

Biffy Clyro website
Toys toys toys choke toys toys toys


Thom Cuell said...

Can I make a humble suggestion for a future review, if you're short on ideas ever? Try 'He Poos Clouds' by Final Fantasy. I've not heard it yet, but it looks really interesting (dreadful title aside) and you can get it for about a fiver off amazon.

Jim/Jambo/James - Every One A Winner said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed Sucio. I'm very close to the band as a whole, so I'm really interested to know whether you genuinely think Sucio sound like Biffy, or if you read that in a review somehere. Personally I don't hear the comparison in the slightest, and both bands would be swift to reject any such comparisons.

They are, however, absolutely awesome and will be starting work on their second album soon after the current raft of tours are finished. They have one album out at the moment "Random Acts Of Intimacy", available on Captains Of Industry ( There are also 2 EPs which are as available as hen's teeth, but good on you if you can track a copy down. Chronologically, they were released as "Why. Bliss. Destroy" and "The Hidden Perils Of Dancing".

Also, the Duke is technically not just Simon Neil's idea, it was very much a joint and equal collaboration between JP Reid and Simon. AKA Dragon and Atmosphere.

Rock on!!!