Thursday, 19 April 2007

That's not the case

Only time for a quick post. Was going to be a big unsigned band post, but left all the links at work!

So, instead, I treat you to the following. Beautiful, beautiful music at its best. By a very talented'un called Shura, who deserves fame a lot more than most the singer/songwriter rubbish out there atm.

Watch. Enjoy. Comment.

That's Not The Case Live

Shuras myspace


Thom Cuell said...

Can't watch this yet, but I'll just put forward a couple of my favourite Manchester bands/artists:
- Al Baker
- Joshua ben Joseph
- The Amelies
- Band(ism)
- Scarlet Showdown

All are myspaceable. And Billy Ruffian are the cream of the crop, obviously.

Project WANNABE said...

She's good. Reminds me of Ani DiFranco, who I love.