Saturday, 21 April 2007

Unsigned 1: Please sign on the dotted line

IT's ok, it's ok, i'm back with more moosic for your ears. Today I thought i'd introduce you to some lesser known bands, because they shouldn't be lesser known.

In no particular order...


Shmoo are a Manchester based live electronic band. I don't mean dance there though, they're a full band, just no guitar. Bass, drums, keys, synth and vox. I discovered them playing at the old bar I used to work at, and they've since been close to the top on my list of favourite unsigned bands. They've had plenty of exposure, with their songs being on TV, plenty of support from the BBC, and regular touring in between song writing.

Their music is beutiful, but not in an acoustic way. Vocalist Rowena Scott has amazing, soaring vocals, which are technical without being anything like ChristnaBritneyBeyonce like. An amazing live band, with great, great songs, that would be a loss to music if they didn't make it.

Shmoo myspace
Shmoo: Play Thing live

Mr Fang music

I've actually discovered this band this week, but have viewed them more than good enough to include.

Mr Fang music is currently a 2 piece, who put together everything for the recordings, but are planning on getting a 3rd member in for live perfomance.

This band is very very catchy. Slightly indie shouty vocals, reminiscent of White Rose Movement, but with a lot more energy and balls. All their songs are uptempo, and you can imagine they'd be simply fantastic live. Great use of synchronised guitar and vocals, with a lot of use of synth and samples, this band is truely original and very listenable. If they get themselves together with good promotion and support slots, they'll definately be around the Manchester scene for a while.

Mr Fang Myspace

Track to listen to: Miss Deluxe (no link available, or video).

Our Fold

Bolton based Our Fold are going to make it. They are. No doubt in my mind.
I was introduced by the guy who puts gigs on at Bolton University, and I can honestly say I'm impressed. The band fit perfectly into the current wave of indie, but without being samey. Impressive technical songs keep you glued to the stereo, and even listening to the demos you can tell the songs would fit perfectly onto Radio 1. Imagine current Radio1 bumboys The Twang, but not wank. In fact, very amazing. Presenting, our fold.

Our Fold Myspace

Track to listen to: Victim of lies (check the cowbell out!!)

Belt, tap and needle:

Also check out Shura below...

That's it for unsigned bands this post! Samba out!


Thom Cuell said...

Interestingly, Our Fold's drummer used to be in Dead Men Win Fights. Billy Ruffian actually played with them at Late Rooms, don't know if you remember?

ellirocks said...

So no ruffian or 100 club

And what about Hey Gravity! Why have we both forgotten about them